Friday, 27 September 2019

Unit Test PAT (Ekam Kasoti)Paper And Solution 28/09/2019

Unit Test PAT (Ekam Kasoti)Paper And Solution 28/09/2019

All the subjects from standard 3 to 8 have been included in the question papers. The question papers have been focused on objectives.

The primary teachers and students remain useful. Also, useful materials are updated regularly for candidates preparing for competitive exams. You will also share in your group.

This will give the teacher more time in his education work. And thus they will be facilitated .

This pdf file is based on many useful experiments and activities on this website.

Generally the teachers have to prepare the question paper for evaluation. So teachers have to give their precious time .But the file placed here will give teachers the freedom to overcome these problems .

Note- This Is not an official Solution
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Unit Test PAT (Ekam Kasoti)Paper And Solution 28/09/2019

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